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Leadership Seminar .

What Does It Take to Be A Modern Leader?


According to the Gallup Employee Engagement Study, 66% of our employees are disengaged! This means:

- That you as a leader are not achieving key targets and objectives of your organization
- That many organizations are not growing at a pace required for them to flourish.
- You are not experiencing the life you deserve. The Inspirational Seminar Series purpose is to help you acquire the skills that you as an executive or leader need to be the inspiring one. Inspiring leadership is what it will take to improve team performance and business success.

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Thursday, November 14

Leadership Seminar


  • Be inspired and motivated by great speakers.
  • Use specific takeaways that, if used properly, can bring you immediate benefits
  • Interact with experienced facilitators who guide you through leadership principles, bring business lessons to life and help you adapt the concepts to your own professional development.
  • Network with like-minded professionals at entertaining and engaging celebrations.
  • Contribute to the design of future seminars by sharing topics of interest.
  • Become part of leadership study group.
Leadership | Engagement | Confidence

Our Speakers .

Carefully selected speakers that demonstrate great achievements and are amazing inspiration to many.

Our Sponsors .

Thank You to the Amazing Sponsors That Believe in Inspirational Leadership
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Program Fee .

Choose from below simple and flexible program fees designed specifically for you!

One Session

$ 25
  • One time attendee
  • Choose from one of the dates
    • September 19
    • Novemer 14


Two Seminars

Inspired Leader
$ 40
  • Become alumni and influencer
  • Series of 2 Seminars
  • September 19 & November 14



Groups of 5 or more

Team Inspiration
$ 15
  • For groups of 5 or more






Make an Impact
$ 100+
  • Want to make an impact?
  • Become a Sponsor!
  • Silver $100
  • Gold $250
  • Platinum $500
Each Session Will Be Held at a Specified Location

Location .

Please note that location will differ for each of the sessions. Please check in advance for the session location.

Our next session on Thursday, November 14th will be held at the following location


4030 W Boy Scout Blvd Suite 100, #230, Tampa, FL 33607

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For inquiries or requests about learning with us, sponsoring our events, being a speaker at our events, volunteering, or become part of the study group, please fill our short form below. We will respond within 48 hours!