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Lana Gruzinova

As a senior seasoned leader with a background in manufacturing and asset management, Lana Gruzinova offers a unique mix of talents and experience that are highly relevant to any company that is seeking to drive innovation and improvement. Intelligent, passionate and a good judge of character, Lana has the vision and grit it takes to help a company in a transition period as well as an understanding of the challenges associated with driving strategic change in organizations with a diverse workforce.

Most recently Lana has held a Controller position with an international S&P 500 manufacturing company. While there, Lana transitioned European unit to merge with North America as well as New York and Chicago factories to transition and merge with Tampa operations.

Lana’s team describe her as an “efficient and results-driven leader” and respect her for her honesty, integrity, and dedication.

Lana’s journey into leadership has started during her career at an international public accounting firm where she firsthand experienced the benefits of teamwork. Having a great leader made a big difference in team enjoying working together despite grueling hours to meet challenging deadlines. Throughout her career, Lana experienced and had to report on financial outcomes where leaders had an impact on a team, organization, and results. Her passion led her to become a founder of Honest Leading Inc. that strives to provide leaders with tools and resources to be the modern leader they are aspiring to be.

A native of Uzbekistan, Lana holds Masters in Accountancy and BS in Accounting from the Rider University. Lana is a Certified Public Accountant in Florida.